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Related article: Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 12:30:52 -0400 From: Benjamin More Subject: Adult SitterDISCLAIMER:The subject matter covered within involves sex between an underage male and an adult male. If this type of story line offends you or you are under the age of consent, please do not read it - kindly move on to another story. Additionally, if it is illegal to read this type of material where you live, please select another story to read.If you wish to share your own personal experience, by all means, please contact me. You'll note that I use the name Michael in some of my writings - my full name (minus the last name) is Benjamin Michael - through the years I've gone by Michael, Mike, Benjamin, and Benji!BenjaminBenjamin102010gmail.com Adult Sitter I knocked on the door and it was opened by Mr. Pullen -"Hi Mr. Pullen, mom just dropped me off for the night." "Come on in Michael, so we're going to be buddies tonight, we'll have a good time - pizza and maybe play a board game."Once inside he told me to put my overnight bag in the corner and later I could take it to my room.I asked Mr. Pullen how he was feeling and he told me that he had a backache, but that it would go away in time. I told him that daddy always says that a Ls Lolita Preview backrub helps and told him that I could give him one. He asked if I knew how and I told him Ls Lolita Preview yes, my Uncle had taught me and that I give him backrubs once in awhile. He asked if I ever gave my dad one and I told him no. Mr. Pullen wasn't quite sure but I told him it would be OK and that maybe he'd like it and that it would help.I wasn't about to tell Mr. Pullen how or why my Uncle taught me to give backrubs, I just decided to take control and see what happened. At the big age of 12, I'd already learned that a young man had to take charge and lead the way - old folks didn't always know what they wanted or just took too long to make a decision.I walked over to his chair and stood behind him and I started to rub his shoulders and neck, gently kneading his skin with my palms and occasionally using my fingers to gently squeeze the muscles and skin. I told Mr. Pullen that for a better job he should take off his shirt, which he did. Oh boy, Mr. Pullen had a muscled back and chest and his arms were extremely muscled - this was going to be my big conquest - might even lead to something better, or at least different, than my new logger friend, Wendell.I told Mr. Pullen that if he got on the sofa and lay on his stomach I'd be able to do a better job on his back. He got up from the chair and got comfortable on the sofa. I straddled him, my legs on each side of him and began my rubbing. I wasted no time and slowly moved my hands down his back, around to his sides and further down. After several minutes he repositioned himself; I asked if he was OK and he said most definitely. My hands moved down to the waste band of his pants and I moved my fingers under the band. He sucked in, which gave me more room and I moved my hands down further under his waste band, almost to his butt. Mr. Pullen moved his butt back and forth and up and down - a sign to me that he was enjoying himself."Mr. Pullen, my pants are in the way, do you mind if I take them off"? "It'll make it easier for me." Mr. Pullen hesitated and then said, "I guess so, sure go ahead." In a flash I was up, my pants were off, and I was back straddling Mr. Pullen, wearing just my little briefs.I again started rubbing his back and also rubbing his sides. My hands approached his waist band again and I could see he sucked in his breath, creating more room between his pants and his skin. My hands slid in under the waste band and I kneaded the skin around his waste and my fingers slowly reached the top of his underpants."Are you feeling better Mr. Pullen"? "Oh yes Michael, for such a youngster, you certainly know how to give a good backrub.""Mr. Pullen, why don't you get comfortable before I continue on and finish"? Mr. Pullen asked if I minded him taking his pants off and I said no go ahead. He got up and dropped his pants and even though he was somewhat turned away from me, I could see that he had a big erection in his underpants. Now I knew that I was going to have another conquest. Mr. Pullen then got back down on the sofa and I proceeded to give some quick thought as to how I was going to take advantage of the situation and get screwed by Mr. Pullen. My first quick action was to down my underpants and remount Mr. Pullen.I returned to rubbing his back and shoulders and then proceeded to his sides. My hands went beneath the band of his underpants and just as they did, Ls Lolita Preview he raised his body - I leaned forward, making sure that my little hard cock came into contact with his butt; I then allowed my hands to work around to his front; at that point he moaned. My hands proceeded to move down and one hand came in contact with a big and hard cock! Aah, I had him now, I just knew it!"Mr. Pullen, would you like to turn over so that I can rub your stomach"? In asking such a question I knew that if he said yes, he'd see my hard cock - his reaction would then set the direction for the remainder of the experience."Sure Michael sounds good to me." I got off him and he got up, he looked at me, saw that my underpants were off and I was hard. He looked at me and smiled and then proceeded to drop his underpants, revealing a beautifully hard cock! I looked him the eye and gave him a big grin. It was now or never. I bent over and started to lick his cock, tonguing that beautiful cock of his, around and around and up and down. I gently took his cock in my hands and looked at him; he gave me a warm and beautiful look. With my tongue, and gently with my teeth, I pushed back his glorious foreskin and started sucking his cock head. The moans from Mr. Pullen were unbelievable. I sucked at the head and then took as much of his dick in my mouth as I could.I came up from his cock and looked at him and smiled. "Please take me Mr. Pullen, screw me"! I got on the sofa, rested my arms up on the sofa arm, my butt up in the air. Mr. Pullen quickly approached me and began to enter me, letting out a slight cry as his head entered, he said he'd stop. "No, no, Mr. Pullen, please, I want you totally in me"! I pushed out as I'd been taught and he pushed in, harder and harder - in! Again I cried out but quickly stopped - I didn't want to scare him. I told him that I was OK and that I wanted his man seeds in me. Now here was a man who was gentle, loving, kissing me all over, while at the same time plowing me! After quite some time, he picked up his speed and became more forceful; thrusting harder and harder and deeper inside me - faster and faster he increased his thrusts until he cried out -WOW, I could feel his man seeds filling me up; seems as though it went on for a couple of minutes before he stopped and pulled out of me. I turned around and pulled him and his cock towards me, I finished taking, by mouth, what was left!When we were finished, Mr. Pullen apologized to me for what he'd done. I told him no apologies needed; that I wanted it and hoped that he would sit with me more often.
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